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This Notice of Financial Incentives describes in detail any and all financial incentives offered by Caring Responders and who may qualify for them.

Annual Billing Cycle Discount:

Who can participate: Any customer who setups to pay their monitoring fee on an annual basis.

How it works: Anyone wishing to utilize this discount will pay for 11 months of service upfront, in one lump sum, and would then receive their 12th month free. This discount must be renewed annually,

Additional details/Conditions: Service may be canceled at any time and the remaining months paid will be refunded.

Employee Discount:

Who can participate: Any active Lincare or Lincare affiliated employee, or a family member of the employee.

How it works: At the time of setup, the individual must bring to the company’s attention that the device is for an employee or an employee’s family member. The discount is $10.00 off the traditional in-home system (mobile system not included).

Additional details/Conditions: The employee must be listed as the individual responsible for payment on the account in order to take advantage of this discount. Additionally, the employee must perform the initial set up of the unit. If employment ends, the former employee or the former employee’s family member will no longer qualify for the discount; the $10.00 discount will not be applied after the employee’s last day.

Additional Information:

Multiple discounts cannot be combined.

If you need additional information or have questions about our Financial Incentives, please contact Caring Responders by calling 1-800-321-9789 or emailing